Services Offered

Preventative Services


These are geared toward keeping your teeth in the best shape possible.  


Professional Cleanings are recommended at least every 6 months. A hygienist cleans and polishes the teeth, takes x-rays that are due, & assesses patient concerns before the dentist comes in for the exam.  


Scaling and Root Planing treats gum disease by deep-cleaning below the gum line. This removes calculus & smoothes irregular areas.


Periodontal Maintenance, in which patients are seen every 3-4 months, helps to drastically improve oral health after completing scaling and root planing.


Oral Exams are performed by the dentist to assess oral health and develop a customized treatment plan that best fits patients' individual needs.  Comprehensive and periodic dental exams evaluate your overall oral hygiene and assess changes since your last visit. 


Sealants prevent cavities and allow plaque to be removed more easily.

Surgical Services


These services vary from root canals and tooth extractions to implants.  

Root Canals treat decayed or infected teeth. by removing the nerve and pulp, cleaning and sealing the inside of the tooth. This prevents infection or abscessing and relieves pain.

Extractions, or removing a tooth from its socket, are necessary when a tooth is damaged beyond repair.

Implants replace missing teeth and are secure and functional. These posts are placed into the jawbone and topped with realistic replacement teeth. 

Additional information from the American Dental Association:

Restorative Services


Restorative services, from fillings and crowns to bridges and dentures, are listed below.

Fillings help treat the decayed portion of a tooth and “fill” it with a composite resin.

Crowns are a tooth-shaped caps that restore the tooth’s shape, size and strength. These are performed in 2 visits. 

Bridges replace missing teeth. A crown for the tooth or implant is created on either side of the missing tooth with a fake tooth (or teeth) in between.

Dentures are a removable option for replacing missing teeth and surrounding tissue.  A denture may be complete or partial. 

Cosmetic Services

North Shore Family Dental offers options to improve the appearance and alignment of your teeth.

Whitening: Professional-strength whitening take-home kits, which include custom bleaching trays, are available for purchase.

ClearCorrect™ (Invisible Braces): ClearCorrect™ is a clear and simple method of straightening teeth without actual braces. Patients should ask their dentist to determine whether they would be a good candidate for invisible braces. 

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To learn more about ClearCorrect™, watch a short video on the advantages of using ClearCorrect™ or for more information,  click here.

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